Thursday, June 14, 2007

Democracy at work

Its been a while that I had blogged, I was pathetically lazy on doing this. But seeing the process of how a president is being elected (should I say "Selected") makes me feel bad and wanted to express my disgust on the politics of so called "Largest democratic country in the world". I know that president of India is a nominal position and doesn't have a say on how its governed. I wouldn't have cared if the outgoing president was not Dr. Kalam. When he was made president, I thought Indian scientific community deserved this recognition for the way they achieved progress on the space programs even after working for our "Great" leaders.
As a first person of this country, I liked the way Dr.Kalam interacted with children, young people and asked everyone to dream high and think ahead. When we look at our sweet home, we see how our leaders are trying to divide people by geography, religion, caste and what ever reasons they can find. Dr.Kalam is the only person being in a political position tried to instill positive feeling in the people he interacted with, asking everyone to work hard for their dreams.
I hate to see these people's elected representatives (our MLA/MP who took break from taking bribes to ask question in parliament and exporting people as their wives) not giving him a chance to be re-elected because their bosses doesn't like him. Now the grand old Congress Party and no-good communist parties have come up with a lady called "Prathiba Patil" and they are trying to project that they are getting a women elected. Don't get me wrong, I am not against women being elected to the top post but only if they deserve it. No one outside of Maharashtra would have heard her name (not sure whether people from that place even heard of her). I really hope she is not selected for being a bootlicker for "Gandhi" family.
Anyways I wanted to say Thank you Mr. Kalam for being such a good president in your term and leading the country in such a respectful manner. I am sure you will be working hard after you term for the improvement of our country.
Thanks once again.

Thursday, February 01, 2007


Thinking of this weekend makes me feel wierd, it reminds me the fact that football is going to end this week. I may not have a team, but its the game. I am going to miss so many things.

1) What am I going to watch every day morning during break fast and ironing my clothes
2) What will help me get through the night mare of 8 hours in my office work. I always had ESPN radio playing in my head phone which help in concentrating. What should I do now for concentrating.....I cant stand the crap about baseball and NBA on radio.
3) What am I going to talk with my colleagues now?
4)How would be all those conference calls and meetings without bringing football into conversation. Now I guess meetings are going to be done faster and fact that there is no football on radio...again drives me crazy
5) What would be my reason to escape those boring desi parties??? There is no football....oh god...give me one more reason???????
6) How can I have my wife doesnt ask me to do some thing during the week end around home ??
7) What is going to remind me to drink more beers?

Come back football come back......I cant stand the fact that I got to watch those news channels, SITCOMS and listen news radio until you come back....

Kidding apart...have a nice time watching superbowl.

Go Colts !!! (I dont mind even if it is bears)

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Laws - Religion

Taxi drivers in minneapolis airport are not accepting passengers who carry alcohol in their baggage. Reason for not accepting them is that taxi drivers are muslims and their religion doesn't accept alcohol. Airport authorities have now classified some taxi's by identifier which suggests which of the taxi's will accept liquor in them.

Some of the pharmacists doesn't want to sell morning after pill as its against their catholic beliefs. Some states have come up with laws which says its upto the people who run them.

I agree that every one has right to practise their religion and beliefs. But what about other people who has different beliefs? Where does this end? Are we going to keep coming with laws or make changes to make sure that some sect of people feel good about their religious beliefs? if some one doesnt agree some things its upto them that they dont drink alcohol or use pills but dont try to impose on others.

Sunday, January 14, 2007


News channels are driving me crazy. I want them to concentrate on real news. I want them to show how a place is affected by snow storm but not to hear how a kid is not able to play his videogame or browse internet as his house lost electricity because of storm. Same channel again shows how video games and internet are impacting family life and get opinions from so called analysts on how to have family together. What the hell do you guys wanna say?

I just completed a book titled "Breaking News" which is about an old news anchor who is trying to provide meaningful news and defend against turning news into sensationalism. This book explains how 24 x 7 news channels are impacting the way news is presented. It shows how these all day long channels which got nothing to show are changing the way news are shown.

As I was reading this book it makes me think how right it is. It reminds me of a case which was shown as breaking news about a child molester being picked up in thailand and how he is linked to a case that happened about a decade ago. After two week long analysis/breaking news every hour and watching a poor kid's picture again and again, the guy who is arrested is let go as there is nothing which can link him to the case. Before the case is over, I guess we learnt what the person is more that person knew about himself. Please news channels give me some news that is worthy and also even it is news worthy please give me in moderation.

Hello news channels please spare me, I like follwoing current events but dont make me go away from news. Please let me know of dumb decisions taken in washington but dont throw in your perspective. Give me the information and let me make my own sense of it. Also spare me from the poll information you guys have.

Saturday, January 06, 2007


Its been a while that I had updated my blog. As the holiday season is over, I am trying very hard to get back to routine of five work days and only two days for weekend. Thought of having no long weekends till labor day also makes me feel bad. Anyways, need to get back to routine.

Well as the January brings new year, football season comes to an end. What an year this is for both college and pro football. Being a SEC guy, will sure hope florida wins BCS championship. NFL had all the twists and turns with mannings downfall in the last few games, T.O's regular rants, amazing story of eagles turnback after they lose Mcnabb, Saints comeback from Last year, Mangini being the coach of the year and Ladanian's amazing success. Well to cap of the season story of Nick Saban's return to college and that to SEC makes me wait more eagerly for next year. This is going to make SEC more tougher with florida, arkansas, auburn, tennessee and LSU already having great teams. Just think how this conference would be with Saban's tide and spurrier's gamecocks trying to repeat their coach's success with BCS championship.

While such competition in SEC makes college football great but it would make difficult for a SEC team to go into BCS championship game as chances of remaining undefeated is going be very tough. On a side note, it makes me wonder how my Wildcats are going to play next year. They had a great season this year but louisville had more wins and best ranked this makes top recruits from kentucky go to UL. Let see how Brook's team is going to play next year.

On NFL side, unfortunately teams I followed along with my job, Bengals (Home team) to Steelers (my first client) to Buccaneers (Second client) and Panthers (Current place) didnt make to playoffs. Now I need to pick the team thats going to make it to super bowl. My picks would be Ravens Vs Chargers for AFC champioship and Saints Vs Eagles for NFC.

Lets see how this would turn up. Before I sign off, congrats to Wildcats for winning the bowl game. Also I lost in the semifinal of my fantasy league but was champion in the regular season with 11-3 record.

Thursday, November 23, 2006


Thanksgiving Day, the spirit of celebrating this day with families, lots of food , foot ball and sharing their stories reminds me of the memories of my most cherished festival "Sankranthi" or "Pongal". As I think about it, there are many commons with both of these celebrations.

Sankranthi is celebrated as farming season comes to an end (January 14) and its time for farmers to celebrate their harvest. Its the same with thanksgiving which was originally celebrated after the first harvest by the pilgrims after gruelling winter season. Both may not be celebrated these days for the same reason, but having family together keeps the spirit alive.

As an outsider , I cannot talk about how thansgiving being celebreated other than the fact that it brings together whole family, over good food and football. Sankranthi reminds my best memories of celebrating it together with family with very good food. Trying to burn calories after a very, very heavy lunch by playing cards, carroms, or other board games and making fun of each other (it doesnt matter whether its my dad or my nephew). Before my belly makes space for some air from heavy food, replenishing this with snacks, and other delicacies all day long is the best part of it.

For all the memories, I would like to say a BIG Thank You to my parents on this day for all the things they had provided. As I start my journey as a married man, will hope to continue to keep this spirit alive with my dear wife.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Is this the solution?

Here are the two new news about reservations for jobs in India.

1) Supreme court of India has ruled saying that Reservations should not apply to the people belonging to SC/ST families whose average salary is more than 250000 rupees for year.

2) Meeting between government and private companies about having certain % of jobs to the people belonging to certain castes.

For the first part, now minsiters in the central government and other political parties wants to have a constitutional ammendment to override supreme court's decision and make everyone belonging to SC/ST community to have reservations irrespective of their income. Also they want to come up with a law to have reservations as mandatory in firms owned by private sector.

Is this how one wants to help backward communities to have a better life? Are we providing solution to the problem or are we just masking the problem and providing jobs to the people who doesnot deserve those? India had reservations from 1950 but if we still have the same issues doesn't it mean that this didnot address the problem. Isn't 56 years long enough to realise that we are not addressing root cause of this problem?

Being a citizen of India, every one should have equal oppurtunity but should not depend on which caste they belong to. I agree that government should take care of people who are poor and need some help. But it doesn't mean that they need to have reservations for the jobs. It doesnt mean they needed to be provided with jobs for which they are not qualified for. Instead of having some reservations, better solution for this would be to provide facilites for them to have good education. Provide good education at a lower cost or free of cost. Provide them with additional tutoring help so that they can compete with people who have access to better facilities. Provide scholarships to people who cannot afford cost but need to make sure they are qualified for higher education.

I am looking forward for a day in India where we dont need to fill in information regarding my caste on the job application whether its in Public or Private Sector.

Fellow Bloggers Tag

This is for one of my fellow bloggers who wants me to blog more frequently.

10 Favorites:

Favorite Season: Early Winter when its cold but still see some sunlight on the day.
Favorite Sport: College Football, College Basketball, NFL, Cricket, Tennis.
Favorite Time: Around 5:30 PM When I step out of my office.
Favorite Month: Before and after summer. (March, April, September)
Favorite Actor: Aamir Khan, Paresh Rawal
Favorite Actress: Sridevi, Sonali Bendre (Not for acting).
Favorite Ice Cream: Any flavor with less chocolate and no fruit.
Favorite Food: Any food with well-cooked meat, Desert.
Favorite Drink: Beer, Water.
Favorite Place: Sweet Home

9 Currents:

Current Feeling: Is Michigan going to win over OSU?
Current O/S: Windows XP
Current Windows Open: NFL Fantasy Football
Current Drink: Gatorade (Just got out of gym).
Current Time: 7:07 p.m
Current Mobile(s) Used: Samsung.
Current Show on TV: Michigan Vs Ohio State University. Last 2:00 minutes.
Current Thought: Why does OSU guys call themselves "The" Ohio State University.
Current Cloths: GYM wear.

8 Firsts:

First Nickname: Some thing on my hair which I dont wanna share.
First Kiss: Best Moment in my life which I want to keep it for myself.
First Crush: In Engineering.
First Computer: Assembled one which has every brand in it.
First Vehicle I drove: Kinetic Honda
First Job: Cafateria in University of Kentucky (My Best Job)
First Movie I watched: Only Remember Disco Dancer (Mithun Da).
First Pet: Not much liking for them.
First Shave: Dont Remember the date but do remember the cuts I had on my face.

7 Lasts:

Last Chai (Tea) : at 5 pm.
Last Movie: Bommarillu (Telugu with Siddarth from Rang de Basanti as Hero).
Last Time I Drove: Back from office friday evening.
Last Time Shaved: Every day of the week except the weekends so got to be Friday.
Last Web Site Visited:
Last Software Installed: VPN access for my client.
Last Pill I Had:Nothing Recently.

6 Have You Evers:

Have You Ever Broken the Law: Only in driving. Got a ticket once for speeding.
Have You Ever Been Drunk: Dumb Question. Whats fun in drinking without getting drunk.
Have You Ever Climbed a Tree: Very Few. Embarassed by my Mom for that.
Have You Ever Kissed Someone You Didn't Know: No.
Have You Ever Been in the Middle/Close to Gunfire or Bomb Blast: Nope but was close to the riots happened in '93
Have You Ever Broken Anyone’s Heart: Nope.

5 Things:

Things You Can Hear Right Now: Ohio State's Victory against Michigan on TV.
Things on Your Computer Table: Book "The World is Flat" and Baron's GMAT.
Things on Your Bed: All the things needed for a nice cozy sleep..
Things You Ate Today: Puri and Chole for lunch. Waiting on Sambar for Dinner.
Things in Mind: My Wife's Thesis.

4 Places You Have Been Today:

All rooms in My home.

3 People You Can Tell Anything To:

My Wife.
My Parents (Like to share good things in my life. After all the struggles they had in life till now just want to see them happy)
My best friend.

2 Choices:

Black or White: White.. better than black on my dark complexion.
Hot or Cold: Hot food...cold beer.

1 Thing You Want To Do Before You Die:
Explore all parts of India. See how amazing my country is with so many different Languages, Cultures, Religions and Food. Learn History about India.

I liked this tag. This made me think on some of the questions. Will sure try to blog more frequently.